14 Must-Know Marketing Ideas to Maximize Profits For Your Businesses In 2022

By Grace Nguyen

Last updated February 6, 2022


Why Marketing?

It was a long long time ago that doing business is simple (but not easy, still). If companies do a good job, offer good quality products to people, then they can sell almost anything until there is nothing left in the inventories. As time passed by, more people figured out how to produce things, more people did business. The competition got tighter and hotter because the number of businesses selling the same kind of product grew substantially. The market is more saturated than ever, and doing business means that you have to beat your competitors to win the customers back.

Let’s say you are a producer of cheese. Now that your competitor showed up offering the same product you sell, what would you do so the customers would like to buy yours and ignore the competitor’s goods? You have to be different! You lower your price a little bit so that more people are attracted to your store. You greet your customers with a smile and take care of them so that they feel welcomed and satisfied at your store. You choose a more convenient selling location so that the customers come to you faster. All of this is marketing.

According to the American Marketing Association (2017), marketing is defined as a process of creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that contain value for people (i.e. customers, clients, partners, or the whole community). The benefits of marketing are uncountable, ranging from more revenues, better reputation to powerful advocacy, positive brand image. For all it is worth, doing marketing is what makes your brand stand out.

We are sure that you already spent tons of marketing efforts into your own business. But just in case you miss some factors in your genius marketing strategy, here is our list of 14 marketing ideas to grow your business faster.

From the old-but-gold methods…

1. Incentives

Everyone loves free stuff and discounts. You can offer coupons, free samples or merchandise in exchange for a first-time purchase or a refer-a-friend condition. This is a perfect opportunity to lure new customers to your store and attack them with good impressions.

2. Creating a challenge or contest

A creative eating challenge or big photo contest should help you a great deal of brand awareness. The unique experience that people gain from your event will turn into a great story that spreads quickly among a community. You can also integrate your brand message and vision to increase the meaningfulness and impactfulness of the event.

3. OOH advertising

OOH advertisements are difficult to avoid in the public thanks to its large size and refreshing appearance in such a familiar environment. A billboard or a poster on the street furniture can make a difference in terms of growing your brand presence inside the consumers’ minds.


4. Doing good for the community

A company’s charitable giving affects 73% of Americans’ purchase decisions. Doing charity, sponsoring local events, or donating a prize for a relevant competition can help you create a positive reputation for your brand.

5. In-person networking

In-person networking is an effective way for others to remember you and your business deeply, especially when your brand message touches their hearts and solves their needs. Try renting a booth in a trading fair or join an industry conference.

6. Loyalty program

Loyalty program never gets old. It is not only about the redeemed prizes that customers can get after 5 purchases, it is the direct connection between your business and your customers. Loyalty programs do bring loyalty to you by forming an emotional attachment and belongingness for your customers.

7. Customer service

69% customers are willing to recommend a brand for others if they receive a positive customer service experience. It is the most effective method to boost your reputation through words of mouth. Customer satisfaction is extremely important everywhere you work, especially if your business is a customer-centric organization.

… to modern digital marketing

8. Building digital presence

Since we are thriving in the digital era, your brand needs to have a digital presence of its own. People often ‘google’ a solution when they encounter a problem. If your business doesn’t have a great presence, consumers can’t find you and use your business even if they want to! You can start with an official website for your business then claim your free Business Profile on Google, establish social media accounts, do SEO and run digital ads.

9. Email marketing

Email marketing has been considered as an effective tool in bringing back a strong ROI for businesses. You can expect an average of $42 for every $1 you pay for this basic form of marketing. Through email marketing, you can keep your audience list updated about your new products, services or promotions. Communicating via emails also increases the customer engagement and knowledge about your brand’s values.

10. Content marketing

The phrase “Content is king” has always been true. If your brand’s content is consistent and relevant, you can connect with your audience on a more intimate level. Over time, you become an essential part in the consumers’ minds. You can try writing blogs with clear call-to-actions, making podcasts with celebrities or industrial professionals, producing Youtube or Tiktok videos that go viral, posting up-to-date Instagram or Facebook posts, or even creating distinct memes on Twitter.



11. Being mindful about your brand identity

By establishing a unique personality with a distinct tone of voice for your brand, you are forming a notable position inside the consumers’ hearts. Whenever your brand talks or behaves on the internet (e.g. doing online customer service, updating brand news, replying google reviews, or creating content), it is another opportunity to show your brand identity to the world. However, this persona should be uniformly and consistently maintained across every channel. You wouldn’t want to confuse your advocates since 64% consumers believe that their main reason to form a relationship with a brand is shared values and relatable vision.

12. Affiliate marketing

Either your goal is to accelerate your branding process or to drive sales revenues, collaborating with KOLs can be a great solution because they are considered to have expertise in specific areas as well as being trustworthy and authentic. It is forecasted that affiliate marketing expenditure will grow up to 8.2 billion USD by 2022 in the United States alone. More consumers nowadays love to follow KOLs, of which businesses should be aware and take advantage.

13. Marketing help

If you feel like you don’t have enough time to do marketing on your own, consider obtaining help from outside sources like talking with marketing consultants for more insights, or hiring freelancers in copy-writing, PR, and SEO. One of the most popular ways to connect with freelancers is through Fiverr – a platform delivering freelance services for businesses.

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